•   Students should attend all tests and show good academic progress. Absenting from regular classes will be strictly viewed and absenteeism in the test will be viewed with at most sternness.
  •   Regularity in writing the test and satisfactory performance of students in test are essential to permit the students to appear for the University examinations at the end of the year.
  •   Any student found indulging in malpractice in the Test/Model exams/University exams will be debarred from appearing for the rest of the examinations.
  •   All students should wear the appropriate uniforms that are stipulated while attending the practical and workshop classes.
  •   A minimum of 80% attendance is expected, in each semester, necessarily to enable a student perform better in the University examination. Students are not allowed to take leave of absence for more than 6 days in a semester. Students who absent themselves without permission will be deemed to have been absent for 2 days. Continuous absence from class on medical grounds will be permitted only on production of medical certificate and letter from parent. Names of students who are absent continuously for more than 12 days on any account with or without permission will be struck off the rolls. They should seek readmission by paying are admission fee.