Spread across 60 acres of lush green environment, the college has excellent infrastructure facilities including adequate class rooms and seminar halls for respective departments.
The College has been awarded the ‘Clean and Green Campus’ by the Lions Club of Sriperumbudur for the very clean, green and beautiful campus providing an excellent ambience for learning.


Central Workshop is the one of the oldest and largest division of Mechanical Engineering. It has the machineries and facilities to cater the needs of undergraduate and post graduate students to carryout research in the field of Manufacturing and Materials Science and Engineering. It provides infrastructure facilities for conducting laboratory courses in interdisciplinary areas, carrying out undergraduate project works and consultancy works. Over the years, Central Workshop facilities have been used by research scholars from the University Departments, Affiliated Colleges and Industries extensively.

Areas of Interest

High Temperature forming, Superplastic forming, ECAP, RCS, Magnetic Moulding, Metal Matrix composite, Squeeze casting, FSW, Welding Metallurgy, Diffusion Welding, Nanomaterials, CNT, Nano Composite, Biomaterials, Tribology, Microwave processing, NDT, FEM, CAD/CAM, Modelling of machining pro-cess, Supply Chain Management, Lean Manufacturing Optimization, Micro machining –EDM, ECM, Cryo Machining, Composite Machining, Pulse wave form generator, Hydraulic & Pneumatics, Automation

The central workshop consists of the following laboratories

  •   Basic Manufacturing Laboratory (carpentry, fitting, foundry, welding, smithy and sheet metal)
  •   Machine shop
  •   CAM Laboratory
  •   Mechatronics Laboratory
  •   Electrical Engineering Practice Laboratory
  •   Civil Engineering Practice Laboratory
  •   Electronics Engineering Practice laboratory
  •   Computer Applications Laboratory
  •   Composite Laboratory
  •   Metrology Laboratory
  •   Thermal Laboratory

Academic Infrastructure Buildings

The infrastructure includes buildings for

  •   Instructional
  •   Laboratories
  •  Library
  •  Computer Centre

There is a full-fledged Building construction and maintenance wing headed by 3 site engineers, with 10 numbers of Assistant Engineers, Supervisors and workmen, in all, numbering 13. Their responsibilities include periodical maintenance of the buildings, apart from planning and construction of new buildings or extensions.

Academic Infrastructure: Equipment

The infrastructure includes equipments for

  •   Laboratory equipment
  •   Library books and periodicals
  •   Digital Library Facilities
  •   Hardware & Software in the Computer Centre and other computing facilities
  •   Audio-visual equipment & Educational CDs

All the individual departments have adequate number of LCD projectors and OHPs. These are under regular service contracts and periodical inspection is carried out by suppliers.


The College has been awarded the ‘Clean and Green Campus’ by the Lions Club of Sriperumbudur for the very clean, green and beautiful campus providing an excellent ambience for learning. The college has a landscape consultant, garden supervisors, a large number of gardeners and a comprehensive set of garden equipment. The entire campus has landscaping with green grass, ornamental plants, and shady trees making the campus very green and beautiful.

The college was adjudged by the Lions Club of Sriperumbudur as the Most Green & Clean Campus in the year 2015. The college is very proud of this green and pollution-free ambience which has been conducive to a good educational ambience. Extensive water-harvesting activity has been undertaken at various parts of the campus, resulting in very high ground-water levels.

Use of in-organic fertilizers has been dispensed with and organic farming is being adopted for the kitchen gardens in the campus. Recycling of waste water has been undertaken to reuse the water from bathrooms and kitchen cleaning areas for gardening purposes. The college has an energy park, set up with funding from TEDA, which use solar energy for pumping and some lighting. It is planned to go in for solar water heater for the hostels.