Message from Vice Principal

I feel honored to be a part and parcel of Arignar Anna Institute of Science and Technology. The incomparable reputation of our institution has been built upon the efforts and honest hard work put in by the management, the teachers and the taught.

In our institution, the management is the path-maker.our management, unselfishly, is navigating the ship of Arignar Anna Institute of Science and Technology in the right direction in order to produce quality human begins. The teachers are the torch-bearers; the parents constitute the pole star. Our teachers focus on course contents and take every opportunity to help students gain knowledge and understanding of the concepts, above all, they give value –based and man-making education.

In a nutshell, we equip our students to lead a great life during and after their studies at our institution. Come and call our institutions and discover why we are “Institution to trust”.

With Kind Regards,